SIFAA 2017 Youth Music Competition

Time Category Location
11.00 AM Sub-Junior (Vocal/Instrumental) Main Hall
12.30 PM Junior       (Vocal/Instrumental) Main Hall
3.00 PM Senior      (Vocal/Instrumental) Main Hall
3.00 PM Percussion ( All Levels) Room 1
4.00 PM Advanced (Vocal/Instrumental) Main Hall
Please Note:- Arrive 1hr before your category slot to register


Date of the Competition – OCT 28, 2017,

Venue – Perimeter Studio & Conference Center, 1100 Perimeter Park Dr, Morrisville, NC 27560

Age Groups in years (as of Oct 15, 2017)

Sub-Junior: 8 - 10

Junior: 11 - 13

Senior: 14 – 16

Advanced: 15 – 21








Registration will open on SEP 24, 2017 and will close on OCT 11, 2017 at 11:59 PM EDT. Please start planning accordingly to ensure you submit a completed registration form.



If you have any questions, please e-mail them to 


Competition Rules

1. The 2017 competition fee is $30 per participant per category. However, children of SIFAA members pay $15 per participant per category. The payment is due at the time of the Registration.  We will send the confirmation of the payment within 24 to 48 hours.

2. Participation is restricted to residents of North Carolina except for the Advanced category which is open to out of state residents as well.

3. Only Individual participants, group participation is not allowed.

4. Participants should meet the age limits of the category they wish to compete in. Please note that students aged 15 and 16 can compete in the Senior or Advanced category but not both.

5. Each individual is allowed to participate in multiple categories within the age group they are registering in. For example, the same student can participate in Junior Vocal and Junior Violin.

6. Please note there are no separate categories for specific instruments, etc. SIFAA reserves the right to combine or split categories before the competition based on participation. All participants will be duly informed.

7. Participants should have the approval of their teachers before registering.

8. The participants order in each competition will occur randomly. Anyone who misses his/her turn will be moved to the end of that competition.

9. Each participant should make their own arrangement for Shruthi.

10. Talam assistance is limited to instrumental and percussion participants only. After consulting with the judges, we will inform the participants before the competition if the judges will put Talam or outside assistance is acceptable.

11. In ALL categories, the participant must specify two choices from which the judges will decide which should be presented. You will have the opportunity till OCT 21 to provide your choices. We will send another form to get this information after OCT 11th.

12. In the Advanced category, judges may ask questions and/or pose challenges.

13. Time limits are strictly enforced.

14. All instruments should be tuned prior to coming on stage.

15. In the event of more participants than can be accommodated, sample audio recording may be requested to streamline the selection process for the competition.

16. If there are any unforeseen changes needed to the rules and regulations, the participants will be informed with adequate notice.

17. Decisions of the judges will be Final. Judges pool comprises of out of town carnatic music enthusiasts/artists and professional artists from India.

18. Winners will be announced after the SIFAA concert by Sri Vignesh Ishwar and party on Oct 28th.

19. First Place Winners of the Junior, Senior, and Advanced categories will be invited to participate in next year's Margazhi in RTP festival (Junior - 15 min concert, Senior - 30 min concert, and Advanced - 1 hour concert).