Category 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Junior Violin Srian Pedibhotla Pranav Krishnakumar Akhil Pramod
Junior Vocal Shruthi Kunjur

Shwetha Kunjur

Srian Pedibhotla

Shriya Komaragiri

Srinath Iyer

Junior Percussion Siddarth Rajaraman Karthik Nagaraj  
Senior Vocal Manasi Krishnakumar Divya Nataraj Namrata Rajaraman
Senior Violin     Vinithra Sudhakar
Senior Percussion (Mridangam) Samarth Rao Eashwar Mahadevan Gaurav Sirdeshmukh
Senior Kanjira        Samarth Rao    






Date of the CompetitionSept 24th 2016

Place – Seasons at Tandoor 5410 NC-55, Durham, NC 27713

Click Here for the Schedule 

Age Groups – All ages below are those based on the day of the competition (September 24, 2016).

Junior 10 - 13

Senior 14 – 16

Advanced 16 - 21


Registration will open on SEP 1st, 2016 and will close on TUESDAY, SEPT 13, 2016 at 11:59 PM EDT. Please start planning accordingly to ensure you submit a completed registration form.

All registrations are done online via Google form For more details please visit


If you have any questions, please e-mail them to 









Competition Rules - 

1. The 2016 competition fee is $30 per participant per competition. Children of SIFAA members pay $15 per participant per competition. We will send the payment link later to avail the online pay option.

2. Participation is restricted to residents of North Carolina.

3. Only Individual participants, group participation is not allowed.

4. Participants are allowed to compete only in their age group.

5. Each individual is allowed to participate in multiple categories

6. Please note there are no separate categories for specific instruments, etc. SIFAA reserves the right to combine or split categories before the competition based on participation. All participants will be duly informed.

7. Participants should be nominated/signed off by their teachers; no self-nominations. Once the forms are filled out, SIFAA will contact the teachers for their student’s nomination.

8. The participants order in each competition will occur randomly. Anyone who misses his/her turn will be moved to the end of that competition or disqualified.

9. Each participant must make their own arrangement for Shruthi.

10. Talam assistance is limited to instrumental and percussion participants only and will be provided by Judges. Assistance by parents and teachers may lead to disqualification.

11. In ALL categories, the participant must specify three choices from which the judges will decide which should be presented.

12. In the Advanced category, judges may ask questions and/or pose challenges.

13. Time limits are strictly enforced.

14. All instruments must be tuned prior to coming on stage. No additional time will be allocated for this once on stage.

15. In the event of more participants, sample audio recording may be requested to streamline the selection process for the competition.

16. More refinements to this document may follow based on the logistical considerations.

17. Decisions of the judges will be Final.

18. Winners will be announced after the concert by Sri Sandeep Narayan.