2019 Fall Festival Info

For Dance Performances ONLY - Registration for the Dance event is Open


Dear dance teachers and performers!


Namaskarams from SIFAA. 


Due to the volume of registrations and after we spoke to many of you, we have decided to host the Margazhi in RTP - dance festival 2019 on November 9th at West Cary middle school separately from Margazhi in RTP – Music festival which is still planned for November 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


SIFAA will provide a solo slot for the teachers who register and one solo slot for an advanced student from your school (must have completed arangetram and must register as per the instructions below). If the teacher is not interested in performing, you can nominate up-to two students from your school with the same criteria (must have completed arangetram and must register as per the instructions below).


Note: Registration will close mid-night October 8th. We have only limited spots, first come first served. The time slots will be decided based on the number of registrations.


What do we need from you?  


Teachers:  If you are not a member, please go to our website and become a member: http://sifaa.org/membership-renewal 

Our programs are not possible without the support from you.


Advanced Students only: We strongly encourage you to become a member of SIFAA, this will help us host more dance programs and support dance productions. You can become a member here: http://sifaa.org/membership-renewal. If you still decide not to become a member, a registration fee of $50 is required to participate in our Margazhi in RTP: Please click on the following link to pay your registration fee: http://www.sifaa.org/node/84


If you have questions on our memberships, please read here: http://www.sifaa.org/membership


Once you have become a member or paid your registration fee, please proceed with the registration form below: 




 SIFAA team. 


For Music Performances ONLY - Registration for the Music event is closed now

Namaskarams  from the SIFAA team!


SIFAA is excited to announce our 3rd annual community event in theTriangle, Marghazhi in RTP in Fall of 2019.  We invite you all to participate and enjoy the music and dance season of North Carolina!


SIFAA is planning to host a two and half days Carnatic Music and Classical dance festival to provide an avenue for our Music/dance teachers and other community musicians/dancers to perform and showcase their talent! 


The event is scheduled for November 1, 2 and 3rd of 2019!  This is SIFAA sponsored event and Free for all!


What will be provided:


SIFAA will provide the venue, top of the line music systems.  


 Just bring your A-Game and your well-wishers to the performance. We look forward to hosting you.


It is SIFAA’s hope and desire that music and dance lovers/teachers would find this an invaluable event to network, opportunity to perform on stage and sustain our rich tradition of guru-parampara.


We request the music/dance performers to register by Sept 20, 2019.  This will help us greatly to plan and organize the event.  


Few guidelines to note:


  • You must be a SIFAA member to participate. 
  • You must be atleast 25 years or older to register. 
  • This registration is for your performance only.  This is not for your students or others. No exceptions. 
  • If you want to collaborate with other musicians/dancers and provide one performance, you can register one time and include the group members on the comments.  The group members can be only fellow musicians or dancers, not your students.
  • You will be responsible for making arrangements for your accompaniments. Upon request, SIFAA can provide contact information of some our local talents to contact and coordinate.
  • Only pre-recorded music will be allowed for dance programs (no live orchestras)
  • Performance slots will be based on the number of registrants.
  • Unique collaboration or group performances may be allocated more time (depending on the number of participants or uniqueness of the program).
  • Individual performance slots are only for you. Please do not include your students or your children in this timeslot.
  • SIFAA reserves the right to make the final decision on the time slots and performance time.  
  • As we will try our best to accommodate all the registrations, SIFAA reserves the right to choose on a first come, first serve basis.  Please do your registration as soon as possible.


Please register using the below link



SIFAA team


SIFAA:  An organization for Carnatic Music lovers in the Triangle and Triad Areas of North Carolina