Malladi Brothers

Malladi Brothers, Vocal

(Sreeramprasad and Ravikumar)

Sri. R. Shriramkumar (Violin), Sri T. Ravi Shankar (Mridangam)

Friday, May 3rd, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Venue: West Cary Middle School, Cary, NC
1000 Evans Rd, Cary, NC

SIFAA welcomes you all for the last concert of this spring season. Please find below the details of the concert rendered by highly reputed artists which we believe you will enjoy immensely. We will send you the information on the Fall programs shortly.

These high class concerts are made possible by your generous support. Sincere thanks to all the members who renewed their membership in this spring. We also welcome new members and ask that you communicate about SIFAA to your extended family and friends. 

Gate tickets are also availalble to non-members - the rates are listed as the last entry under the membership tab.


 Pictures at Cary, NC


Meeting with the artisits following the event.

The Malladi Brothers:  Sreeramprasad and Ravikumar (L-R)

L-R: RaviShankar, Sreeramprasad, Ravikumar, Shriramkumar